Grand National Glory (GNG) is a competition documentary that introduces the world to the art and subculture of decorative turkey call making by following three artists as they prepare entries for the annual “Super Bowl” of competitive call making events in Nashville, Tennessee.

Not Your Average Elmer Fudd Duck Call

A turkey call is a hand- or mouth-operated device that mimics the voice of the American Wild Turkey. Turkey calls have been used for hundreds of years in hunting, first by Native Americans and then by European settlers. Over time, savvy craftsmen added art and design elements to enhance the beauty of their calls to create the distinction of a decorative turkey call, which is now recognized as an authentic American folk art. These calls are magnificent pieces of carved, burnt, stained and painted sculptural art intended for display, not field use.

The Call Makers

Featuring universal themes of what it means to be an artist and a competitor, GNG follows the highs and lows of the creative process, preparation and industry-pressures upon Dave Constantine, Wisconsin; Eric Rice, Minnesota; and Steve Stortz, Colorado.



Dave Constantine lives in a handmade log home nestled in the woods. In February 2014, Dave spent more than 500 hours sequestered in his workshop crafting a single turkey call. Constantine’s goal: To win the title, “Champion of Champions.” As a previous eight-time Best-in-Show award recipient, he was poised for victory.






Steve Stortz has spent a lifetime balancing time as an artist, organic farmer, outdoor enthusiast, environmentalist and father. Having recently retired to Colorado, Stortz decided to enter his artwork into competition for the first time in his life. At 65-years-old, Steve is “The Rookie.”




Eric Rice fears his addiction to making turkey calls might be adversely affecting his health and family life. Despite these complications, his highly competitive spirit keeps him holed up in his basement churning out work for another year of competition.





With scores of reclusive artists showing up for competition, will Dave, Steve or Eric’s talent and dedication to their craft carry them to victory? To find out, please consider supporting the film’s completion with a donation today.




Lead Artist: Jon Steinhorst